One-stop Workshop

Truck Body Manufacturers and Repair Solutions

By providing excellent service with quick repair turnarounds, Zenzele Truck Bodies will get you back on the road as soon as possible, with limited downtime costs. We offer superb repair quality to ‘original manufacturing specs’, ensuring uncompromised product integrity. On-site repairs are available in all Kwa-Zulu Natal areas.

At Zenzele Truck Bodies, we suggest regular Fleet Audits, keeping you our customer up to date on the conditions of your Truck Bodies, ensuring your vehicles are in top-grade condition at all times, maintaining insulation-value and peak efficiencies.

Repairs and Maintenance

Onsite repairs

For fleets of over 100 truck bodies, we will place a dedicated repair team onsite at your depot, repairing damages as they occur.
Our immediate facilitation of your repairs reduces your cost to company and extends the life of your truck bodies.

Mobile repairs

We will come to you wherever you are with our mobile repair units.
We will repair your entire fleet whilst your trucks are standing.
We deliver excellent workmanship and quality repairs in record time, always honouring your deadlines.

Workshop repairs

Bring your trucks to our Westmead Workshop or DC.
Our team will get you back on the road in no time at all.

Fleet audits (maintenance)

We recommend Quarterly Audits for New Fleets, Truck Bodies and Trailers as well as existing fleets; to keep a record of damages and repairs.
We provide 2 to 5 Year Warrantees, depending on brand of materials and accessories.

Our rep will come to your site whilst your fleet is standing and provide you with quotations for damages, accompanied by photos for documentation purposes.

We provide repair schedules for Onsite, Mobile and Workshop Repairs as well as Fleet Audits, providing constant progress reports for your peace of mind.